Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should We Stop Eating Pork?

Two weeks ago, the world did not know what is swine (pig) flu. Now, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has raised the alert to 'pandemic imminent'. People are running into pharmacies to buy face masks to protect themselves. There is also news that people should avoid eating pork. I came across this article on the internet informing us that it is safe to eat pork. The article states that the flu viruses are not transmitted by food and if the pork meat is cooked through the viruses is inactive when the temperature reaches 70°C during cooking. Somehow, I think we will be cutting down on pork consumption. Wonder what will happen to all the Chinese BBQ shops in Sydney - their char siu and siew yoke sales might go down? I hope the WHO does not move to the next alert level which is pandemic is underway. Is it deja vu from SARS?

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  1. Dont worry, this morning I just took Bah Kut Teh...