Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love to Read

Do you enjoy reading? It can be anything from books, journals, magazines (incl gossip ones), newspapers, e-books etc. I love to read, always have from a young age. My favourite books are crime, mystery and thrillers. Sometimes, I do read books like biographies, self-help, parenting and romance. These days, I don't spend as much time read as I would like. When I used to travel by train to work, I always made sure I had a book in my bag, I was speaking to a colleague at work the other day, who enjoys reading too. We were discussing the pros and cons of using Kindle or iPad to read. What started this conversation was another colleague who recently returned from holidays abroad. He mentioned that he spent most of his holidays reading whilst sunning by the pool at the resort. What he enjoyed was the fact he could download his books onto his iPad and not have to take several books (which adds to the weight if flying). Whilst I quite like that idea, I was unsure how I would react to reading from these electronic devices. I know it's gaining in popularity, especially the iPad (we are thinking of buying one). To me, I still like the feel of paper based books, turning the pages and reading the printed words on the pages. Will paper based books one day be obsolete like sending postal mail?


  1. I love reading too... but sadly these days, it takes me forever to read a book. No matter how good it is, after 2 pages my eyelids are too heavy to be kept open.

    Currently reading: Bryce Courtenay's Persimmon Tree.

    Funny, when I was preggers with Lily, I liked reading Patricia Cornwall, all the disgusting crime/thriller. ?!?! not usually, no. :P

  2. Grace: Same here, sometimes it'll take me two weeks to finish one book. The last book - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - took me 3 weeks. Very sad but it's good to keep the habit. Going away this weekend, might try to catch up reading - borrowed John Grisham's The Broker

  3. I LOOOOOOVE the SMELL of books. No I don't think books should be obsolete like mail in the post.

  4. Sometimes, there's nothing like paper, with its curled pages and cripsy or used feel. At this stage, if I am to go electronic, I reckon a Kindle is better. I guess it is still early days and you can relax on making a decision on such a purchase.