Friday, September 24, 2010

Orange, NSW

Not the fruit! There is a country town (although I think it's a city) in western NSW about 3.5 hours away from Sydney called Orange. When I told my girls that we're going to Orange during the school holidays, my cheeky Caitlin asked if we were going to live in an orange. It's the spring holidays for NSW schools, just two weeks this time. For a change, I thought it will be nice to visit the country instead of heading up the coast to Queensland, which is lovely as well.

Orange is located in the NSW Central Tablelands. It gets cold in winter and it does snow as well. As it's springtime, the gardens @ Millthorpe, a village about 20mins from Orange will be open.

Everyone is looking forward to fresh country air, quiet and quaint villags and also a visit to the Western Plains Zoo.
Will post photos when we return.

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