Saturday, December 18, 2010

Carols in the Domain - Rehearsal

We were at the Domain in Sydney tonight with a group of friends to watch the rehearsal of Carols in the Domain. It was a beautiful summer's night in Sydney, with temps at 25C. Not humid, no wind, just perfect to be out with friends, enjoying a glass of wine or two. The Carols in the Domain is a traditional pre-Christmas event in Sydney sponsored by Woolworths, the Fresh Food people (special mention!). This event is always held on the Saturday before Christmas and is broadcast on Channel 7. We prefer to take our girls to the rehearsal because it is less crowds and less stressful trying to get there and back, especially when battling the huge crowds that turn out to the event. People usually start gathering at the Domain as early as Friday morning to pick a perfect spot. On a good day, the crowd numbers swell to thousands.There are a large number of celebrities performing, usually from the Channel 7 network and the kids' favourite (and I suspect some adults too), the Wiggles. Every year, the Wiggles perform their popular Christmas songs like "Go Santa Go" and "Here comes the Reindeers". At this point of the show, everyone is up standing and dancing as well as doing the actions with The Wiggles. If you're ever in Sydney during the Christmas period, this is a must-see event.

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