Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Assembly and Award for Ashleigh

Today is Ash's last day in primary school. Caitlin and I attended her assembly which went on for 1.5 hours. During the assembly, the new school leaders of 2011 received their badges from this year's school leaders. It was a lovely gesture to see the older girls past on the leadership baton. After that, each class presented their performance to say 'good-bye' and 'thank you' to the Year 6 girls. The performances were lovely and well rehearsed. My favourite performance was by the Year 1 girls who each carried a letter which formed the sentence "We Love the Year 6 girls because.....", then each Year 1 girl spoke about what or why they loved the Year 6 girls. There were some great comments - "I love the Year 6 girls because they make me happy when I am sad", "I love the Year 6 girls because they help me during the swimming and sports carnival". It touched my heart because it shown how the older girls take on mentoring and nurturing roles to the younger girls in the school. Then the principal of the school, Ms. B, called out the award winners from each year. I was both surprised and proud when Ashleigh's name was called to receive the award for displaying the school values of "Verity - the search for truth". It was a really proud moment for me. Caitlin was cheering loudly as she was also very proud of her sister. She is truly her sister's biggest fan. It was wonderful to end the year and her primary school years on a high.