Sunday, May 1, 2011

Konnyaku Jelly

 I prefer Konnyaku Jelly to the Aeroplane Jelly that is often found in Oz supermarkets. I have never been able to find the Red Man Konnyaku powder in Sydney and have to stock up when in Malaysia or request for my relatives to buy me some when they visit. I love the springiness and chewy texture of Konnyaku Jelly. The Konnyaku powder comes from the Japenese taro family. There are many brands in the market but my favourite is Red Man by Phoon Huat & Co. Whilst I have tried the other brands, I have found this brand to have the best consistency and 'bite'.

I like to add fruits into the jelly - canned peaches, longan, lychee, mangoes, berries and kiwi fruit.

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