Friday, November 4, 2011

First Giveaway


I am so excited about my first giveaway on my blog. In the beginning of October, I signed up to be part of Mums United, an initiative by the Heart Foundation bringing Aussie Mums together to work towards a healthier Australia. Whilst the program is labelled Mums United, I also acknowledge Dads who play a key role in ensuring their families eat and live healthily. As parents, we always make an effort to plan and cook healthy and tasty meals, using fresh, unprocessed ingredients where possible. At times we slip up but we're OK with that. No one's perfect and with two of us working, sometimes it can be difficult. We try to make up for it on weekends.

With the warmer months coming, we are also making a concerted effort to get out and spend more time outdoors - choosing to walk instead of driving, taking the girls to ride their bicycles in the park, swimming at the local pool. I have also been trying to get in 30 minute power walks at least twice a week after work. I enjoy these walks as it helps to clear the mind after a long and stressful day at work. Sometimes Ashleigh comes along on her bike, and it's great bonding time for the two of us. Chris has been making regular visits to the gym and is looking fit and healthy. Our girls catch the train to school and walk from the station to school, which is a good start to the day. The warmer months also mean we're changing our diets; replacing the rich casseroles for lighter meals like salads.

Over to you now. The Soup team have given me two Coles Myer gift cards to give away to you, my awesome blog readers. Hands up who loves a gift card?
These gift cards are timely with the Christmas season a few weeks away. The Coles Myer gift cards offer many store options to spend the gift card. You can use it to fill up your fridge with healthy tasting goodies and treats for yourselves or friends and family OR use the funds to buy gifts. I have one gift card to the generous value of $200 and another for $150. Tempting?

To enter all you have to do:
1. Comment on this post, and if you'd like to follow my blog that would be great too.
2. Share this giveaway with as many people.
In the comment box tell me your answer to this:

How will you take advantage of the warmer months to improve the lifestyle or diet of your family?

Terms and Conditions:
Entry is open to Australian Residents only. Competition opens on Friday 4 November 2011 and closes on Sunday 13 November at 10pm AEST. Winners will be determined by First Prize will be 1 x $200 Coles Myer Gift Card. Second Prize will be 1 x $150 Coles Myer Gift Card. Winners will be contacted via email (all entries MUST have an email address). Winners will be given 14 days to make contact with their details after which time the outstanding prize(s) will be redrawn.


  1. Diet wise : definitely seasonal fruits and veges, going back to basics, making my own sauces, sorbets/ice-creams, bread, etc.

    Lifestyle : It's summer! The pools, walks in the bushes, bike trails. Going to be great! :)

  2. Ooooh I'm loving the thought of all the OUTDOOR things spring and summer's bringing to us. Well, we're already eating a lot of salads - I am in love with LEAVES at the moment. I don't even bother to stir fry at times, I just wash some leaves, cut up some tomatoes and carrots, add dressing or make my own, voila. When its hot you don't feel like eating too -so salads and lighter meals are perfect. Not that my kids understand that, because Keegs is still asking for SOUP. Yikes.
    As for lifestyle - lots of sessions at the beach, and I am going to get my lazy ass back into walking round that lake!!!! Time to stop hybernating!

  3. I reckon the warmer temperatures sort of gradually uncurl the leaves of our mindset, habits and expectations. It apparently gives more a greater sense of more time to do things. So I would take advantage of this to move my diet to a lighter one involving less meat, less addictive elements and better ways of cooking that retain freshness. I walk more when I can, take the opportunity to say hi to people face to face after such a walk and topple my mainly sitting lifestyle. I am already following your blog site and this is an interesting initiative.

  4. Summer diet means lots of icecreams and milkshakes...and when at Mamak, must have Chendol! Lifestyle? Same, same loh :D

  5. thanks for the giveaway dear!! for me, part of the summer will be here in kulim, malaysia so the kids have been running and playing a lot in mum's huge garden. food wise, they are definitely filling up loads on fruit especially bananas. seeing that we live in a unit back in sydney, i think we'll definitely put in more effort to get the kids to the pool even if its just for awhile.

  6. With so many fruits in season during summer, definitely eat more fresh fruits :)

  7. Lots of fresh salads with lots of different combinations of fresh green vegies and even sometimes the a fruit or two.

  8. For me the biggest thing is to take advantage of the longer days by kick starting with a power walk in the morning followed by fresh fruit for brekkie. I think 3 or 4 times a week of this change will have me feeling fit and fabulous to enjoy summer.

  9. I agree with you, the dishes we cook tend to change based on the seasonal changes.

    In the warmer months, the food I cook is more stir fry based, noodles and salads. A lot less of the curries and casseroles. Another thing that is prevalent for me is a lot more fruits and vegetables are incorporated in the diet.

  10. Definitely by having more dinner parties with friends!! Tonight was a great start...

  11. Lifestyle - Doing more outdoorly things with the girls during the warmer weather like golf practices, riding bikes, parks....and gardening! Need to get the Vitamin D!

    Diet - more salads, and fresh fruits and lots more H2O.

  12. When the sun heats up, I like clean flavours. Lots of citrus and herbs. More food that you can eat with your hands. More fruit, of course!

  13. Doing the Bondi to Bronte walk every weekend that we are in Sydney, all 3 of us. We started last week and enjoyed Sculptures by the Sea! As Ernie Dingo says "So go on, get out there".

    Less time to cook during summer, so more fresh salads to accompany our BBQs and tropical fruit for dessert. YUM, enjoy your summer.