Sunday, January 15, 2012

Covering School Books

Two more weeks till the new school year begins. One of the important prep tasks is covering the school books with contact paper. This year, I am able to outsource the task of covering Caitlin's books to Ashleigh (advantages of having a older child), for a price of course! On the last day of school, Caitlin's Year 1 teacher handed us a pack with instructions and cover pages for the books. Caitlin's books are ready. We're still waiting for Ashleigh's books to be delivered.

Next step to check that their summer uniforms fit. We've already bought their school shoes. Lunchboxes from last year are still in good condition. We just need to buy socks.


  1. Good preparation Charmaine. No last minute work needs to be to done. I am now busy with last minute preparation for CNY. Too fast approaching right after school reopened. So 'kelam kabut'.

  2. SY: I am sure you and many others in Asia are busy preparing for the year of the dragon. All quiet over here, business as usual. I have not been baked at all since I can't seem to find my baking mojo after Xmas. Enjoy the CNY celebrations with your family and friends. Gong Xi Fa Cai.