Monday, January 16, 2012

Mount Ashby Estate

I love the Southern Highlands region in NSW. This was the place where I spent my first two years in Australia, so this region holds special memories for me.
In the last few years, there have been quite a few wineries that have been established in the region. At last count, there are over 60 wineries, but only 13 of them have cellar doors. On our last visit to the region, two Fridays ago, we decided to pop into one of the wineries for some tasting. Neither hubby nor I had any knowledge of wines from the area, so we randomly picked two - Mount Ashby Estate (because I liked the name) and Southern Highland Wines (it was on the way to our friends' property in Exeter).
a lovely spot for lunch

picture the fire roaring in winter
Mount Ashby turn out to be a good choice. The property is located off the main roads, with a lovely hill behind. The air was fresh and crisp when we got out of the car...deep breaths in of fresh unpolluted air. The winery is a family owned boutique operation and only opened from Thursdays to Sundays with lunches served on the weekends.  When we walked in, we were greeted by the wonderful smell of some meat roasting in the oven (turns out to be duck). The wine tasting and lunches are served in the same building (unfortunately, we didn't stay for lunch as we had other plans for friends). The vineyard is also opened for functions and events. Whilst we were there, a couple walked in to discuss their wedding plans with the owner, Chris (who was the only person there at that time). I love small operators like Chris who are happy to discuss their harvest, wines and production to give you an in-depth appreciation for the wine.

Due to the cooler climate in the Southern Highlands and the higher altitude, wines produced are a lighter and not as full-bodied unlike those produced in the Barossa or Hunter Valley. The wine industry is also relatively young in the region too. The lighter style suits my palate and I was happy (with the quality not as a result of drinking too much!).

We went home with a dozen bottles of Chardonnay and Merlot to stock up our cellar. We plan to visit again and try out their lunch menu at the next visit.

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  1. Beautiful place! This place reminds me of Cameron Highlands.