Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend at Roseburn Farm

We have just returned from a short break away at Roseburn, our friends' farm in the Mid North Coast of NSW.  It has been a while since we paid Jim and Georgie a visit, more than a year actually. With our busy schedules, it's always difficult to get away. We took advantage of the start of the autumn school holidays to visit them and to collect the lamb meat that we bought from them. Yes, we bought a whole lamb which J&G have been breeding. In total it costs us $120 including the slaughter and butchery. How cheap is that for organic hormone free lamb. Whilst there, we also visited J&G's neighbour to buy some beef. We came home with four eskies in the boot filled with lamb and beef to last us for a while.

We didn't do much on the weekend, except relax, enjoyed the clean fresh air, helped feed the animals, took walks around the property and drank many cups of tea and coffee. I took the time to sit and read, whilst catching up on J&G's news. Our girls didn't touch their tech gadgets all weekend except in the car on the trip there and back. Both of them spent most of their time outdoors, waking up early to feed the sheep, cows and chickens; playing with the four dogs (Kinta, Bella, Sophie and Lily) plus Red (the neighbour's dog who visited over the weekend). Cait was busy collecting the eggs as soon as the hens laid them. I think she was 'stressing' them out with her constant checking. J&G's hens are 'wild' as they don't lay their eggs in the chook pen, but everywhere around the property - in the garage, in the garden and in the pen. Hence, Cait had a great time checking all the various spots. On Saturday, Cait found eight eggs and she found four more on Sunday. The eggs were still warm when she brought them in.

On Saturday, J&G had organised for a local guy to come and crutch and shorn their five sheep - Lambert, Ella and I can't remember the other 3. Yes, they have names for all their animals including Misty and Amber, their two Dexter Steers.

The weather was beautiful, sunny bright blue sky and warm. The temperature was cooler at night but the night sky was so clear and it was amazing to sit out and just look up at the twinkling stars and the Milky Way. Cait and I had wonderful time identifying the different constellations.

Our trip was short but we enjoyed the break so much; just doing nothing.....

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